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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  August 13, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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for the attack which took place around 6:00 a.m. local time in a busy market. it's bunn of baghdad's bloodiest attacks in a year. richard engel is in the region, in turkey, and that the latest. richard. >> well, it was a terrible attack. there are death tolls that go up to 75, 76 people killed. it was a refrigerator truck that exploded in the sadr city district, a shiite area, not surprising that isis would target it. isis is an extremist sunni group, and has targeted shiites in the past. it is not the first time we have seen major explosives in baghdad. they're actually an unfortunately common experience, but a major truck bomb that kills 65, 75 people or perhaps even more, is the worst violence we have seen there in about a year. >> and i mean, richard, when we look at some of the pictures and
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the video, it looks like a massive bomb. it looks like, i mean, as you say, this was a large truck packed with explosives. >> it attacked also in the middle of a fruit and vegetable market, and what isis wants to do is clearly discredit the government, and it wants to keep the sunni-shia civil war that u.s. troops know quite well from their time in iraq, isis wants to keep that war going because it draws energy from that fire. and is partly responsibility for it and partly attracts recruits because of it. so it's a horrible attack. there are also shiite militias from that area that are involved in the war against isis. there are shiite militias recruited from sadr city and other shiite parts of iraq that fight against isis in iraq and also will cross the border and fight with assad's forces and fight with hezbollah in syria.
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so it is a very complex religious war between isis and really the larger shia world. >> richard engle, thank you very much for the live report this morning. we're also following breaking news from china where the death toll is rising after two massive warehouse explosions rocked tianjin. it was all captured from mltple angles by cell phones. the blast set massive fireballs that lit the nighttime sky. look at this video. it took place at a warhouse that stores dangerous toxic chemicals and gas. this morning, chinese state media reporting trace amounts of cyanide have been found at the scene. at least 50 people have been killed at least 12 firefighters, more than 700 injured with more
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than 70 hospitalized in critical condition. tianjin is the world's third largest port. ian williams joins us where it's past 9:00 p.m. local time. ian, what can you tell us? >> well, those explosions last night, jose, were so powerful, they were recorded by the u.s. geologist survey as a seismic event. in fact, a lot of people around here left their homes because they thought it was an earthquake. but of course, only then they did they see the night sky light up in such a terrifying way. where i'm standing now is at the police cordon. they put it up about a mile away from where the fire is still raging. you may be able to see over my left shoulder, the glow on the horizon. there are still plumes of smoke and flames from about four fires which are being fought by about 1,000 firefighters. now, their task is made all the more difficult, all the more challenges because of the volatility of this fire.
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because it's a chemical fire, and because there's so, it seems, scant knowledge about what was in their warehouse, it has made it all the more difficult to fight. and that issue, exactly what was in the warehouse, is emerging as being particularly contentious because today, officials were unable to say precisely what toxic cocktail of gases and chemicals were stored there. that's very worrying to people who live close by, people who see the smoke billowing. if the local authorities say they have set up air monitoring stations to look at what is in the air, but that's not reassuring. they say so far, they haven't found anything, but of course, there are reports out of beijing this morning of cyanide found in local ditches. a very worrying situation as the fire continues to rage, and this smoke continues to billow, with we don't know quite what in terms of chemicals. >> then you add the
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authoritarian nature of the system where press is controlled and reports can come out only from the official organs of public dissemination. it's very tough to know. we don't even know, do we, what prompted the explosion, right? they haven't even said that. >> that's right. i mean, part of the problem is, a sort of knee-jerk reaction of secrecy, of controlling information. we have seen it in previous disasters. in previous cases. the government is not very good at transparency, not very good at making information available in a timely way. now, this, the company that owned this factory, this warehouse, was identified in the local media. but soon after that, there was almost an information blackout. the website went down, and in certain cases, searches to do with this fire, to do with this explosion, were deleted from the internet. so it is a knee-jerk secrecy. there is a sense of trying to
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contain it and limit the information. ultimately, of course, that is causing quite the backlash among people here who are deeply worried and concerned, jose. >> ian, thank you very much for that live report. appreciate it. >> back here in the u.s., a scary night for people attending a concert at a famed venue in minneapolis. as many as four people were hurt when the ceiling inside first avenue collapsed during a performance by the canadian band theory of a dead man. the band cleared the stage and was quickly evacuated. so was the club. >> suddenly, i could see these red lights flashing, and part of the ceiling just, boom, like caved right in. it looked like it was towards the back. >> saw some flashlights that were kind of directing people out. then i kind of got the clue we had to evacuate. >> witnesses say it appears a pipe may have burst. the fire department is now checking the building. you may recognize the venue. prince frequently played alt first avenue in the 1980s.
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even much of the film purple rain was filmed there. >> the hillary clinton campaign is on the defense this morning after the democratic presidential candidate's personal e-mail server was turned over to the fbi. it's given a new opening to her republican rivals. let's go live to washington, d.c. and nbc's kristen welker is there. what's the clinton campaign saying now about all this? >> jose, good morning to you. well, look, secretary clinton doesn't have any public events on her schedule today, but her campaign is in damage control mode. they're trying to reassure supporters these latest headlines are nothing to worry about. her spokeswoman e-mails supporters saying hillary didn't send any classified materials over e-mail. she also stressed there is no criminal probe. that after her server was turned over to the fbi and the inspector yerl said there were two top secret e-mails in her files. clinton has consistently said any e-mails that were classified
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were not marked as such the time she sent them. still, this is becoming a major political problem for the front runner. republicans trying to argue that the e-mail issue suggests clinton can't be trusted. while her democratic rivals are not joining in that chorus, burn asanders is making a race of it with one poll showing him leading clinton in new hampsh e hampshire. an iowa poll shows clinton still has a commanding lead there. one campaign official tells me they have accepted the e-mail issue will be with them throughout her campaign. clinton's strategy, to try to turn the page. she wants to focus on her policies and she's going to aggressively go after republican rivals. she's going to try to put all of that into effect at the iowa state fair this weekend. jose. >> kristen welker, great seeing you. thank you. now to my one-on-one interview with secretary of state john kerry who by this time tomorrow will be in havana for the flag raising at the u.s. embassy in cuba. the event has been somewhat
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overshadowed by questions about who is and who is not invited. in particular, cuban dissidents who after so many years of being america's primary contact in cuba, will not be at the flag rising. secretary kerry told me, however, they have not been forgotten. >> i'm going to meet with dissidents. i will have an opportunity in the course of the day sglesh. >> closed door, privately. >> they will be invited to our mission. they will come to the mission. i'll have a chance to sit down with them at the mission. there will be a broad cross section of cuban society that will be invited to that event at the mission. what they're not invited to, quite openly, is the raising of the flag at the embassy itself because that is a government to government moment with very limited space, by the way, which is why we are having the reception later in the day in which we can have a cross section of civil society, including some dissidents.
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>> gabe gutierrez is live for us in havana this morning. gabe, good morning. what can you tell me about tomorrow's events? >> hi, jose. good morning. the preparations are already under way. you can see behind me the flag pole where the u.s. flag will fly for the first time in more than 50 years. secretary of state john kerry will be the first secretary of state to visit cuba in 70 years. now, the u.s. and cuba formally restored diplomatic ties on july 20th when the flag raising ceremony was held at the cuban embassy in washington. tomorrow, secretary kerry will be here to raise the flag before an audience that includes three marines who raised -- who lowered the flag back in 1961. that is when the u.s. and cuba severed those diplomatic ties. this visit will be more about symbolism than substance, but with a relationship this delicate, symbolism matters. deep differences remain between these two countries, including what to do about the u.s. prison at guantanamo bay.
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human rights violations, as well as what looms perhaps largest is a u.s. trade embargo here. now, as you mentioned, jose, no dissidents will be allowed into that ceremony in the morning. senior state department official as well as secretary kerry have said that's because it's a government-to-government event and because there's not enough space, and the state department says those dissidents will be invited to the larger gathering in the afternoon. it's a fine wilike to walk for secretary kerry and the u.s. government. today is fidel castro's 89th birthday and that the cuban government has published his latest essay where he talks about the shortcomings of the american government, that he feels that the cubans are owed billions of dollars because of the u.s. trade embargo, which has now been effect for more than 50 years. in fact, many cubans we have spoken with share in that skepticism. on the other hand, many young cubans we have spoken with said
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they feel that a better relationship with the u.s. means a better economy. so they welcome this flag here. jose. >> and gabe, very quickly, because the secretary told me that they're not being invited to the actual flag raising ceremony because of the small space. when the cubans opened their embassy in the united states, i believe it's even a smaller space. they brought in 500 guests, including musicians that are in favor of the cuban government, people who have been fighting for the cuban government's interests overseas for decades. this is a very small area. the secretary tells me that it's a very small area in havana. you're in front of it. paint the picture of just how large an area it is for us. >> you can see behind me, if you look right down here, this is where the flag pole is. you see the workers that are setting up the area right now for the event. it is in front of here the embassy. this used to be the u.s. intersection of course until july 20th. it had been that u.s. int
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intrasection. you can see the area behind me. this is a very delicate diplomatic situation, of course, with the u.s. and with cuba. it will be very difficult to have these dissidents here and they don't want any disruption in this. this is a very delicate situation. again, secretary kerry says it's a space issue as well as a government to government event. he's meeting with the dissidents later in the day, and by the way, he plans to stroll through the streets of havana. >> indeed, that's what he told me. as a matter of fact, we'll have that sound for you later in the being with me. coming up in the next half hour, we'll talk more about the dissident situation in cuba. we're just getting started on "the rundown." the iowa state fair begins today in des moines. it's not all butter sculptures and cows. it's a chance for the 2016 presidential hopefuls to connect with votes. we'll talk about that after the break. plus, the cancer diagnosis for former president jimmy
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outside of this, and actually, i'm enjoying this more than i thought, to be honest. >> you're liking it. >> i don't know if i would like to if i was down to 2%. >> donald trump last night boasting about his new poll numbers. the latest poll of iowa republican voters shows him on top with an eight-point lead over ben carson. no one else hits double digits. trump is scheduled to appear at the iowa state fair, and joining
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me now is o. kaye henderson. how are you? >> i'm grand. >> let's talk a little bit about these polls. a good reflection, are they, of how republican voters in iowa feel about trump? >> i believe they are. they're also a reflection of how the debate impacted voters' views of each of these candidates. we saw this four years ago at this point, governor rick perry was high in the polls. michele bachmann was right up there because of early performances in the springtime debates that wowed people. rick perry had yet to make his oops moment on the debate stage. it's yet to be seen if these polls, you know, sort of go up and down related to the candidates' performance in the debates. what i will say about what you see in the people who are now surging in that poll, you have trump, you have ben carson, and you have carly fiorina, people
6:19 am
who have never held elected office, that are tapping into a vein of republicans who are very unhappy with the status quo of the republicans in congress for failing to follow through on promises that grassroots republicans believe were hade in the past two elections. >> let's talk about fiorina. it shows her in fifth place, 7% of the vote. she's also gaining ground in other key states. what do you make of this? is it just because of the debate performance? is that what's made the difference 100%? >> i think you would have to say yes. very few people knew much about her, and they got to see her on a debate stabling go toe to toe with her rivals, if you will. and she was the one among all of the candidates who appeared in both of those televised debates to go after hillary clinton the strongest. and i think that really resonates with republican voters here in iowa. >> so, a ton of candidates are
6:20 am
going to be at the iowa state fair. tell me a little bit about the state fair and how important is it? >> well, this is a ready-made crowd. on saturday, there will be more than 100,000 people on the fairgrounds. now, granted, most of them are going to see the butter cow and other venues on the fairgrounds. they're not going to see a candidate, but it's hard for a candidate to resist going to a place where they can run into and be photographed with and interact with so many potential voters. >> yeah. then, a photo with the butter cow ain't bad either. >> exactly. but if you're someone like a bob graham, who ran for president several years ago, you do want to avoid standing in front of the line of people who want to see the butter cow and giving a speech. you have to be respectful of people and the way that they cue up at the fairgrounds. >> always a pleasure to see you.
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thanks for being with me. still ahead, i'm going to get the latest on the prognosis for former president jimmy carter one day after he announced his cancer diagnosis. plus, we'll zoom through some of today's other top stories including the governor of colorado drinking water out of the animas river to make a point. nothing nicer than fresh, orange water. this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis from the inside out ...with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage and clear skin in many adults. doctors have been prescribing humira for nearly 10 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis serious,sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened,
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your doctor about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. former presint jimmy carter will soon undergo cancer treatment. in a stort statement released yesterday, carter said a recent operation on his liver shows that cancer is in other parts of his body. he said he's rearranging his sdelg to undergo treatment at emory university hospital. any word on when we'll find out more about his health and type of treatment he's going to go
6:25 am
look for? >> yeah, possibly as early as next week, jose. that's the word from president carter. it's what he announced when he said that the cancer that was found in his liver had spread to other parts of his body. as he goes through treatment here, we expect to find out more as time goes on. but carter, of course, busy schedule. we're talking about a former president who's been one of the most active ex-presidents. he just wrote his 29th book. he was out on a book tour all summer and before that had traveled overseas to monitor an election. there's hope he'll continue to recover from this frk that the treatment will be successful. carter, of course, going through surgery last week. that is when the mass on his liver, the cancer was discovered. at this point, nbc has learned within a couple days of that operation, carter was able to get back to his normal schedule at his foundation, the carter center, here in atlanta. >> what an active schedule he's been leading all of his life, at
6:26 am
90. thank you very much. the colorado mine spill, wildfires grow in california, and an amazing catch. let's zoom throsome of today's other top stories. officials investigating the colorado mine spill said it will cost millions in damage and economic fallout to colorado, new mexico, and utah. the epa will be back assessing the damage today after the agency took full responsibility for the spill. this is colorado's governor inviting cameras to watch him drink from the animas river in an effort to show it's safe for rafting. at the same time, no one else should be drinking this orange water. in northern california, the jerusalem fire in lake county has now predto more than 20,000 acres and it's just 16% contained. the fire has moved toward the lake county border with napa. with several mandatory evacbatieva evacuations still in place. social media still buzzing after this unbelievable catch last night in a baseball game
6:27 am
between the chicago cubs and milwaukee brewers. take a look at this. watch. >> i don't know about that. >> cubs first baseman anthony rizzo jumps over a rolled up tarp, chairs and fans to catch this foul ball. he's actually using a new glove because two innings earlier, he broke his regular glove. cubs. by the way, won the game. >> after the break, more on the devastating explosions that rocked tianjitianjin, we'll talt the effect this could have on the world economy. >> plus, we have the fascinating story of six mothers from around the world whose children left to fight for isis. you won't want to miss it. it's coming up on "the rundown." unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail,
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it's the brand more doctorsose recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong. no sixth grader's ever sat with but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please. hey. that's that new gear feeling. this week, filler paper and folders just one cent. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. we continue to follow breaking news out of china where there are serious concerns this morning about taoxic chemicals
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released into air after a massive explosion at a warehouse. it stored hazardous chemicals and gras. trace amounts of cyanide have been detected near the scene. the death toll climbs to 50, including 12 of the 1,000 firefighters who rushed to the scene. the number of injured now tops 700, and more than 70 in the hospital in critical condition this morning. let's bring in china expert jordan chang. >> thank you so much. >> tell me about tianjin. >> it means the richness of heaven. this is important because people are seeing this fire as an omen. they're saying that the gods are angry because if they do this to tean gin, they will do this to china. there's a real sort of knock-on effect in the political system because people are saying this must be the end of the communist party. that's why there's so much censorship of this fire. >> you know, we have spoken about this in the past.
6:32 am
i mean, the modus aprandy is to control the information. but in this case, you're saying that this has a symbolic effect? >> well, certainly, because they're seeing the broader significance of this. we have to remember that the world would not have known of this fire but really for microbloggers, who got onto the internet, who talked about this. now, chinese sensors immediately took down their post, and then xinhua put out its version. we can be sure that the death totals are eely understated because of the magnitude of what happened. clearly, there are more casualties than beijing is willing to admit to. >> will there be economic repercussions from this? >> this is a bad time for the party. you have the devaluation of the currency, which is spooking the people. you have the stock market coming down. you have the economy in very bad
6:33 am
shape, much worse than beijing says it is. this is not a good thing for china right now, especially because if it changes people's psychology, and that could reverberate across the country, and you know what happens to china doesn't stay in china. it's going to affect the global economy, as it already has. we have seen in the last couple days with this devaluation. >> always a pleasure to see you. thank you for your time. i want to get back to the story, the secretary of state, john kerry's trip to cuba tomorrow to formally open the u.s. embassy. he'll meet with the cuban foreign minister. he's not scheduled to meet with fidel cast rro or his brother. he wants to take the opportunity to meet with the cuban people. >> i will take an open, free walk in old havana at some point in the day. i look forward to meeting whoever listening to them and have whatever views come at me. so the united states, i can assure you, in this effort,
6:34 am
after 54 years of seeing zero progress, one of the things we negotiated is the ability of our diplomats to be able to meet with people in cuba. and not to be restrained. and i believe the people of cuba benefit by virtue of that presence and that ability. >> mauricio, director of u.s. cuba democracy pac, which opposes the castro regime. the secretary says he's going to walk through the streets of havana some time tomorrow, and whoever wants to talk to him and whoever wants to bring up whatever issue is free to do so. what could possibly be wrong with that? >> yeah, well, the fact is that old havana is run by a company which is owned by the council of state and regime, so they're put agfresh coat of paint for the secretary's visit. they know about the walk and stroll. if he wants to talk to the cuban people, he should begin with the dizdants, the dissidents not
6:35 am
allowed to participate at the event. he was dishonest to you in the interview. he said this is a question of space. the fact that the u.s. embassy in havana is five times the size of the cuban embassy in washington, d.c. where 500 people were invited including code pink that was outside partying outside, and yet now they're not going to allow the cuban dissidents at this event in order to raise our flag but lower our standards in regards to human rights. instead, they're going to meet with the disdnlts in a closet. we're going to sweep human rights under the rug and put the dissidents and the broom in the closet so the secretary can check that box rather than highlighting. those are the people that represent -- i'm sorry. >> no, i'm sorry. i want to say, because kerry defended some of the decisions made in relation to cuba and the castros. here's part of what he told me. >> cuba was removed from the state sponsor of terrorism list this year. also removed from the list of human trafficking from the bottom to the top. is there anything the united
6:36 am
states is not willing to do to have relations with the cuban government? >> there are thousands of things we're not willing to do. and none of those things that you just mentioned are in fact a reflection of our decision to open diplomatic relations with the cuban government. >> the secretary is very clear. he says none of that has anything to do with the interest of the united states in having relations with an island after more than 50 years when not having relations didn't apparently do too much for the benefit of the cuban people. >> yeah, well, we have always had relations with cuba. we had relations with the cuban people, meaning with the cuban democracy. when that flag goes up tomorrow, the people that represent those interests of freedom and democracy are those people that were getting arrested just last sunday. since the president's announcement, there's been over 3,000 political arrests in cuba. as the head of the ladiesen white, which is the movement of
6:37 am
the ladies whose husbands and brothers have become prisoners, this is a green right for cuba. it continues to increase daily. unfortunately, rather than standing frup the people who represent the best interest of the flag going up, we're lowering our standards and saying we want to talk about and deal with everything beforehand. in regards to the terrorism list, the human trafficking list, even the state department itself admitted that cuba continues to harbor one of the most wanted fbi terrorists. they continue to be involved in sex trafficking and forced labor throughout the world and has given no valid justification for any of these things. now, we're essentially saying in regards to human rights, we haven't spoken out about it in the last six or seven months and frankly when secretary kerry was in the united states senate, he was known for blocking support for senators, and therefore, also the trail throughout the world. you know, ask iranian dissidents, ask syrian dissidents, what hope do they have, just looking at how the administration has dealt with these other countries and their
6:38 am
dissidents throughout its administration. >> mauricio, thank you for your perspective. apprec odd your time. >> thank you, jose. at least 67 people are dead today from an early morning truck bombing in a busy marketplace in baghdad. it didn't take long for the islamic state to take credit for the carnage. the terror group ranks are growing every day, and more and more, they include western-born recruits. at least 3,400 at last count, but for the families they leave behind, the call to jihad is less important than the lives they have lost. in a new piece for the "huffington post," writer julia yellfi met six mothers, all of whom have lost children to isis. here's one woman's story. >> i've got a neighbor that won't say hi anymore. girl on the other side of the road. and i can see that she's, oh, that's a mother of a terrorist. family members can't cope with it because it's not only losing a kid but it's the other thing,
6:39 am
the whole terror aspect. you know, how could this happen? >> julia joins me now. thank you for being with me. >> sure. thanks for having me. >> tell us about this project. where did you find these women? >> one of the women -- the piece starts with a woman who is in calgary, and she was one of the first of all these mothers, the first, actually, to lose a son to isis. he ran away in november 2012. and it was so early on in the syria crisis that even though she was seeing classic signs of radicalization in her son, she didn't understand what she was seeing until two intelligence, canadian intelligence agents came to her door and said her son was not studying in egypt but he was actually in syria fighting with the local branch of al qaeda. >> so in the clip that we just showed, the fact is that they're living, not only with the pain
6:40 am
of losing a child, but then with the stigma that goes along with what your child was doing. >> the stigma, there's also a lot of uncertainty. they don't know what their children were doing. on one hand, they're in touch with their kids while they're down there. the kids are wired up like never before. they have facebook messager, skype, all kinds of ways of communicating with thir parents, and their parents see reports on the news, they're talking to their kids. i had one mother in norway who asked her son, have you seen any beheadings? he said no, i haven't, but i see heads lying around. so they don't know. and they fall down this rabbit hole of trying to find out what their child was a part of. so this mother that you saw, carolina, from copenhagen that you just showed a very moving clip of, she has spent -- you know, her son told her he was doing aid work for refugees on
6:41 am
the turkish border. it was only after he died that she discovered he was a part of isis. ever since, it's been several months, she's fallen down this rabbit hole of trying to figure out what happened, how did he get down there? what was he doing down there? he found out he had been married. she starts, for example, to find this out. she starts talking to isis fighters on social media. trying to, you know, asking them, did you know my son? did my son behead anyone? what was my son a part of? they don't know. they often find out about their child's death through a tweet or a facebook post. so they're just trying to get certainty. >> where can we see more from this? this is an extraordinary project. >> if you go to huffington post highline. it should be the main story on there, and you can read it six different mothers, five different countries, and it's a
6:42 am
brutal piece to report. i have never cried doing a reporting until now. >> thank you very much. i really appreciate your time and what you have done. we'll be right back with much more on "the rundown" in moments. bruce brecher is a third generation owner of brecher's department store on main street in arizona. steps away from the mexican border, his business has been affected by federal rules that have slowed down the number of people coming from mexico to the u.s. for more, watch the premiere of our tenth season of your business sunday morning at 7:30 on msnbc. american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it! and someday, i may even use it on the moon. it's a marvelous thing! oh! haha! so you can replace plane tickets, traveler's cheques, a lost card. really? that worked?
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i'm gonna get something to eat. the boy's kind of a drama queen. just wait. where's my burrito? [ chuckles ] worst apocalypse ever. protecting you till the end. now, that's progressive. with donald trump leading his fellow republican rivals in all the latest polls including the early key state of iowa, he's now giving some hints on what a trump cabinet may look like. >> a big section. i guess the poll today had me with -- >> i said, you know what, nobody is messing with me today, not with them. >> i wanted it, but i didn't want to pay for it. >> those aren't the videos i wanted to show you, but we'll get those for you. after coming under fire for his recent controversial comments about women, trump now says he will could a female running mate if he secures a gop nomination for president. i want to bring in david and beth. thank you both for being with me
6:46 am
this morning. >> good morning. >> thanks. >> david, before we get to the thing, let me go to the video that i wanted to get to earlier about mr. trump saying what his cabinet may look like. >> look, i don't want to use names. i could say jack welch would be great, carl and you have henry kravitz, warren buffett said the nicest things about me the other day. he said trump is here to stay. >> you know, he doesn't want to use names but jack welch, warren buffett. is this, i mean, i'm wondering if anybody has asked them if they would be interested in a possible cabinet job. what does this say? is trump just continuing to throw out proposals without any depth, or is this something that could be real? >> i don't know how much thought there was behind this prior to him being asked the question and answering. but you look at the answers he gave, they're all business men,
6:47 am
very successful businessmen who came from the private sector. i think that's not surprising given the persona and the campaign he's trying to put forward. the female running mate question is interesting given what he went through last week in the debate. you know, but i really don't think, even talking to people around him, i really don't think a lot of what he does is planned beforehand. so you have to take every answer with a grain of salt until you hear more about it, in my opinion. >> and that may be part of his popularity and support that people think he's actually just not coming at you from a prepackaged position, but just coming at what first comes into his mind. beth, let's talk a little bit about the issue of a female running mate for mr. trump. this comes at the same time the vp buzz has surrounded nikki haley.
6:48 am
she's giving a speech on the 2nd of september. is this another possibility or something that came into his mind and he blurted it out? >> i agree with david. it's likely that it just came out of his mind. let's look at the reality here. i mean, whether it's trump or any of these other republicans running for president. they really probably should pick a woman to be on the vice presidential ticket. they're most likely running against hillary clinton in the general election, and a woman vice presidential candidate is the best position person to go after her. it's tough for a male politician to go hard and directly at a woman. if you have carly fiorina, she's been adupt at going after hillary clinton in a way the men couldn't. you could take like a nikki haley, somebody who is an elected official but who is out of washington. that's a big part of trump's appeal, he's not embracing washington. i don't know that embracing a republican woman senator or any of these candidates doing that is going to help him. it's a real -- there's a fever
6:49 am
right now for outsiders, and he's probably wise to stay away from the washington crowd. >> david, on the ongoing feud between trump and rand paul, apparently, it's escalating. paul releasing a new attack ad. >> seems that the economy does better under the democrats. >> health care. >> liberal on health care. we have to take care of people who are sick. >> universal health coverage? >> hillary clinton i think is a terrific woman. i'm a little biased because i have known her for years. >> apparently, she was even at his wedding. what is rand paul's goal here because it doesn't seem like it's been working for him? >> rand paul had a tough summer. and he used to be the front-runner in a lot of the early state polls in iowa and new hampshire. he's now dropped to single digits in both of those states. so what is he doing? he's trying to get back in the mix, going at the front-runner, donald trump. i think there's risk to that. you saw him go at trump in the first debate, pretty hard. these post-debate polls don't
6:50 am
look so good for rand paul. this is the calculation all these candidates have to make. do you ignore trump? do you try to be above it? you have seen marco rubio be above it on the scott walker is deflecting questions about him. but then you've got guys like rand paul and rick perry who are willing to go right at him. and carly fiorina is also going right at him, which is interesting. >> interesting. thank you both for being with me. remember this incredible piece of video we showed you yesterday of that giant 20-foot shark? up next, how one woman is turning the summer of the shark into big business, bigger than this shark? i doubt it. but first, on the complete opposite end of the animal spectrum, we had to show you this incredible video of bambi and thumper and we have the real-life version of it. do we? that's obviously the -- okay, i'm being told this is the tease. we've all seen this one. we've got the real version of
6:51 am
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a beautiful big shark is making quite the splash on social media. we're talking about a giant great white shark called deep blue. experts say she is the biggest shark ever filmed. 20 feet long, 50 years old and she's pregnant in the video. speaking of sharks, our own j.j. ramburg had a close encounter with a shark. not saying you're a shark. saying you swam with the sharks. tell us. >> i did, many sharks. my program focuses on entrepreneurs. i went to hawaii to meet a woman named ocean ramsey who is a shark conservationist. let me show you you a bit of the piece. notice there are no cages.
6:55 am
unlike most shark swimming tours, with this one, you are up close and figure. ocean figured giving people this experience and having them come away with it with all their limbs intact would do more to help sharks than any research she could publish. >> i didn't get eaten. >> you can't go diving with a shark, find out how amazing they are and not want to try and do something to help save them. i see that change in people every single day. the switch from fear to fascination. >> i have to say, jose, when you get to the place where they park the boat and you see that dorsal fin and they just say, dive in -- >> what kind of sharks were they? >> when i was there, there were sand shark and a galapagos shark came by. >> j.j., thank you so much. cool experience but it is kind of tough, right, first time?
6:56 am
>> a let l pette-- little petri >> don't miss j.j. ramberg, the one who swam with sharks and came out unscathed. coming up, hillary clinton's campaign in damage control as the feds take over her personal e-mail server. we'll get the latest on that. plus, you've heard secretary of state john kerry talk about cuba in my interview with him. next hour, hear what he has to say about the iran nuclear deal and the possibility of iran coming back to the table to renegotiate. and the death toll rising after two explosions rocked a warehouse area of a critical chinese port city. we'll take you there live next right here on msnbc.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
so you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well at safelite we know sooner or later, every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans, or worry about a thing. and i fixed it right away... ...with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. really?! being there whenever you need us... that's another safelite advantage. safelite repair, safelite replace. good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. developing at the top of the hour on "the rundown," the hillary clinton campaign is in damage control right now responding to the controversy surrounding the democratic presidential candidate's
7:00 am
personal e-mail server. now that it's in the hands of the fbi. let's go to kristen welker who's in washington, d.c. what's the clinton camp telling supporters today? >> reporter: jose, good morning to you. they're trying to quell supporters. secretary clinton doesn't have any events on her schedule today. but her campaign is in damage control, trying to reassure her supporters that these latest headlines are nothing to worry about. clinton's campaign spokesperson wrote yesterday that hillary didn't send any classified information over e-mail. after the inspector general said there were two top secret e-mails in her files, clinton has consistently said any e-mails that were classified were not marked as such at the time she sent them. but this is a problem for her. republicans from jeb bush to scott walker yesterday trying to
7:01 am
argue that the e-mail issue suggests clinton can't be trusted. take a listen. >> well, it's drip, drip, drip. i would have thought her campaign advisers would have said, let's disclose everything. it looks like she's hiding the way she's going about this, disclose it. the fbi took it. it's a little bit different than disclosing it. >> reporter: while her democratic rivals are not joining in that chorus, bernie sanders is making it a real race with one poll showing him leading clinton by seven points in new hampshire. an iowa poll shows clinton still has a commanding lead. one campaign official telling me the campaign has accepted this e-mail issue will be with them throughout the campaign. clinton's strategy now is to try to turn the page. she wants to focus on her policies and you can expect to see her aggressively going after her republican rivals. we've seen that on the campaign trail over the past several days. she's going to try to put all of that into effect this weekend at the iowa state fair. jose? >> kristen welker in washington, thank you very much. let me bring in our nbc
7:02 am
political news reporter. let's take a listen to what martin o'malley said about this on "morning joe". >> all this stuff about the e-mail server and the top secret e-mails and all of this -- these are not the ideas that excite the electorate. these are not the ideas that spark the imagination of the american people or allow them to see their own family's future in the solutions and the ideas and the broader story that we had to offer as a party. >> that was what he said. bernie sanders declined to attack clinton during a phone interview with nbc's andrea mitchell. why aren't clinton's democratic rivals dealing with this or hitting her harder on this issue? >> i think a couple of things are at play here. both bernie sanders and martin o'malley have been trying to differentiate themselves from hillary clinton on policy issues. things like her college affordability plan that she
7:03 am
unveiled on monday or wall street reforms, criminal policing reforms. you've seen o'malley say, i was there first and my policy is better for progressives. so for these candidates, there being the focus of clinton's campaign right now, takes away a little bit of that ability for them to differentiate themselves. another thing is with all of the talk about hillary clinton and falling in the polls, she's still very popular with democrats especially if other candidates want to build a viable coalition. her favorability rating with african-americans is at 80%. >> interesting that without going after her, people like bernie sanders have been really growing. he's speaking to packed crowds it's -- his movement is growing. >> that's right. what he talked about yesterday in his interview with andrea mitchell was that people are fed up. they believe that the system is rigged against them. let's note that in new
7:04 am
hampshire, this recent poll out yesterday did show him running very, very well against hillary clinton. he is from a neighboring state. but it is very clear that his message is resonating, especially with parts of the progressive base that really want to hear about issues like wall street reform and economic inequality. it's something that hillary clinton is trying to talk about. but clearly he's getting traction. getting crowds of over 20,000 people on the west coast and that's something that's definitely attracting the attention of the other candidates in the race. >> carrie dean, thanks. i want to go back to breaking news about china that we've been telling you about this morning where the fire is still burning nearly 24 hours after two huge explosions at a toxic chemical and gas warehouse in the port city of tianjin. the blast set massive fireballs that illuminated the nighttime sky.
7:05 am
take a look at this video shot on cell phone. nbc news spoke with one american native who lives near the blast scene. take a listen. >> all of a sudden, there's a loud shock wave. i figured that's what it was the second i heard it. and the building kind of shook a little bit, like a slight tremor with that. so then it was kind of quiet and we were freaking out. i have a skylight window. i looked out and saw the plume of smoke, huge plume of smoke. and i was like, oh, man. then after a few seconds, i put two and two together and figured it was probably a factory. >> so here's where we stand with the death toll as of right now. at least 50 people have been killed, including 12 firefighters. more than 700 people are injured at this hour with more than 70 hospitalized in critical condition. tianjin one of the world's largest ports. it's the tenth largest port, about 75 miles east of beijing, where ian williams joins me from
7:06 am
this morning. it's just past 10:00 p.m. local time there. real concerns about what was inside that warehouse, right? >> reporter: that's right, jose. we still really haven't had a proper explanation or description of what the chemicals were that exploded last night. what's still burning and what the impact is on the quality of the air here. a short while ago, we had another flare-up. you can probably see the glow in the sky behind me. there are still three or four fires burning ferociously back there, billowing smoke and flames. about 1,000 firefighters, 140 fire engines. now, there was a flare-up. the sky appeared to glow brighter. and a number of fire engines then did retreat. but now they've gone back in and they're continuing. but i think because this is a chemical fire, it makes it all that more volatile and all that more difficult to fight. and from the point of view of the people that live close by
7:07 am
here, it's also very worrying because there hasn't been an explanation as to what it is, what cocktail of chemicals and gases were inside that warehouse when it blew up last night. a local official today at a press conference was asked, what is the air quality like? is it breathable around here? and he was dismissive. and he said, it's no worse than it is elsewhere in tianjin. but you have a government here that doesn't like transparency or providing information and people generally who don't trust the government, jose. >> ian williams, thank you very much. now to another devastating explosion, this one in baghdad. an apparent truck bomb went off this morning in a busy marketplace. take a look at the videos. at least 67 people dead, 200 injured. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack. the city's bloodiest in more than a year. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel has the very latest. richard, good morning? >> reporter: good morning from
7:08 am
istanbul, turkey, where as you can hear behind me the islamic call to prayer is under way. it was a horrible incident in baghdad, not an unfamiliar one but the scale was bigger. it was a truck bomb that was driven by an isis fighter, an isis suicide bomber, it seems. isis has claimed responsibility. the truck bomb going right into a crowded fruit and vegetable market, blowing up vendors, blowing up stalls, blowing up the civilians who were buying produce in the market. it happened in the early morning hours. it was in the neighborhood of sadr city. it is generally considered a hardcore shia neighborhood. and that was clearly the reason it was launched there. isis is a fanatical sunni organization and thrives on the civil war. it targets shias and today it struck them in the center of baghdad. the worst attack since the new iraqi government has taken control. >> richard, i want to talk about
7:09 am
this overnight u.s.-launched air strikes from turkey against isis targets. how is that going to change the fight against isis? >> reporter: well, if you remember, jose, about a week and a half ago on this show, i think we were the first to report that these air strikes were about to begin that, they were about two to three weeks out. turned out they happened even sooner than that. they began last night. four f-16s took off from southern turkey from the int interlick base. saying isis targets were attacked. i think this is just the beginning of a salvo, of an intensified campaign that we're going to see. yesterday was the first shot. but as this gets more traction
7:10 am
and they iron out the kinks, so to speak, i think you're going to see a much more intensified phase of the combat. and it's all about proximity. because in the past, these fighter jets were launched from the persian gulf, they had to fly about 1,000 miles to hit targets in northern syria. now from southern turkey, it's only a 15-minute flight from when they launch to when they're on target. so it's a very different tactical dynamic. >> richard engel, always breaking news for us here on "the rundown." thank you. exactly five weeks away from the deadline for congress to vote on the iran nuclear deal but the result is very much in doubt. according to nbc's count, the president has secured 17 votes of support in the senate, half the number he needs to keep congress from blowing up the deal. when i spoke to secretary of state kerry he told me that senator chuck schumer's suggestion that we can go back and get a better deal is not realistic. >> moreover, it is a presumption
7:11 am
there that iran will come back and renegotiate. but that's not going to happen. >> why? >> nobody believes that will happen. >> why not? >> because the ayatollah will believe we can't be trusted. we will lose leverage on this and leverage across the board in the world. >> joining me now, mark ginsb g ginsberg. good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> let's talk about the thesis that the secretary is saying, whether you like it or not, once an agreement has been reached -- and it took years to get to this point -- it's not now the time to say, i don't like it and we should get a new one. >> indeed, jose. as much as there's been enormous criticism about the agreement and secretary kerry has certainly been one of the most vociferous proponents of it, it's very hard to argue with him
7:12 am
that you can go back to the table and renegotiate. i was just in europe a few weeks ago and talked to some of my friends in the uk and they said to me that the british government has no intention of going back and renegotiating. but at the same time, jose, look at the numbers that you just said. and we're right in the middle of the august recess where so many of these undecided members of congress are going to have to confront constituencies that really have a great deal of antipathy towards this agreement because the polls show that. >> let's talk about the political aspect of it. he has 17 now in his favor. but that doesn't mean that's a number that's going to support him. seems that right now even though those are the numbers, it's very tough to override a presidential veto. >> indeed. in fact, the president is going to need at least 34 senators in order to sustain his veto. and there are senators who are
7:13 am
still studying the agreement as they should. and many of them are going to wait to hear from their constituents. and the administration has been doing quite the selling job. but i think really what secretary kerry and the president need to do is to speak more to the public because it's the public that ultimately are going to be hammering their members of congress and senators over the next few weeks about this deal. as you know, and as i said a little bit earlier, there's a great deal of concern among the american people because they don't understand the deal. and understanding the deal -- without understanding the deal, there's certainly the view that iran is a state sponsor of terror and a danger to israel. still ahead on "the rundown," at this time tomorrow, we'll be watching as the american flag is raised over the u.s. embassy in cuba. but some cubans are feeling left out. i asked secretary of state john kerry about that. his answers next. plus, dramatic moments on the new jersey turnpike.
7:14 am
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less than 24 hours from now, we will all be watching right here on this show as the stars and stripes is raised over the u.s. embassy in havana for the first time in more than 50 years. that symbol of closer ties with the castro regime and the decision not to let some dissidents attend the ceremony has members of the cuban opposition feeling left out. but secretary of state john kerry told me nothing has changed. the fact that dissidents feel as though they're not being invited, it's a shift in american policy as far as dealing with dissidents -- >> not in the least. >> it's not a shift in policy? >> no. i just said to you, i will be
7:18 am
meeting with them. that is pretty significant and important. but there are different events. there are different moments in the course of the day. and nobody is invited to every one of them. so that's the way it works. >> this isn't just a diplomatic or a political story. it's a financial one as well. american businesses are lining up to try and gain a foothold in cuba as well as access to the more than 11 million potential customers that live there. cnbc's michelle caruso-cabrera joins me from havana this morning. tell me about the business opportunities that may or may not exist in cuba. >> reporter: well, jose, what a lot of american businesses are discovering, the few that are still allowed to get in here, despite the existence of the embargo, is that even if the embargo didn't exist, you still have to deal with the cuban government and that's a really difficult thing to do. this is a communist country and there's always focus on a lack of political freedom but also a
7:19 am
lack of economic freedom here. if you want to run a business here, you can't own it yourself as a corporation. you have to do a joint venture with the cuban government and they will always own more than half of it. you can't hire your own employees. the government preselects them. you can't decide what you're going to pay them. the government decides that. and you don't pay them directly either. you pay the cuban government and then in what is the highest labor tax in the world, the cuban government keeps 95% of it and gives a piddly 5% to the cuban worker. it's a tough place to do business. that's why even though every other country in the world doesn't have an embargo against cuba, you see very few foreign companies here. brookings estimates in the last 30 years, there's been maybe $3.5 billion worth of foreign direct investment in cuba. s that essentially zero when you spread it out over three decades. >> so, michelle, just to be clear, if an american tourist
7:20 am
goes to a beach in cuba and stays for a week and he's paying for the hotel and he's paying for the services, who is he paying? >> reporter: if he's staying at a state-run hotel and all hotels are controlled by the state so far, they're paying the cuban government. in other case, you are paying individuals. but if you're staying in a hotel, you're paying the cuban government. >> what about internet? seems as though one of the moves we've been seeing is the possibility of having more high-speed access to the cuban people, that's certainly one of the things that the president has said is an important priority for this administration and these new relations. >> we know that google has been aggressive here. executives have visited cuba at least twice and we understand based on people who are familiar with the plan that google has offered some kind of expansion to the cuban government of the internet here.
7:21 am
but the signal so far from the cuban government hasn't been positive. there was a leak of what the the cuban government's plan for the internet and that wouldn't get internet into people's homes, and only 260,000 homes until the year 2017. there are 11 million people on this island. and a former general spoke to a local newspaper here and said, there are companies that want to give us the internet for free but it made it sound like it was a trojan horse. they want to give us the internet because they want to destroy the revolution, not because they want to help the cuban people communicate. >> michelle caruso-cabrera, thank you very much for your report. coming up, a dramatic spike in the number of incidents involving drones. federal officials say it's time for them to stop. plus, we'll zoom through some of today's other top stories. terrifying moments when part of the ceiling collapses inside an iconic minnesota club. >> i turned around and everybody had turned around and were looking.
7:22 am
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bad news for drone enthusiasts today. the federal aviation administration says it will be cracking down on people using drones illegally. a new report from the agency says there have been 650 drone sightings in the u.s. as of august 9th compared to 238 in all of 2014. personal use drones can be dangerous if they get in the way of airplanes or helicopters. firefighters have been grounded several times while battling california's historic wildfires this summer because of drone interference. unauthorized drone operators can be hit with stiff fines. and criminal charges, even jail time. now to developments from wall street where stocks are slightly lower after yesterday's big comeback. >> reporter: we have losses of about 50 points on the dow,
7:26 am
about seven points for the s&p and modest losses for the nasdaq as well, all despite positive news on the economic front today. energy stocks pacing the decline as oil continues to slide. the commodity trading close but still above levels not seen since 2009. on the economic front, retail sales rose 0.60% in july thanks to a strong demand for wide range of goods. first-time jobless claims rose 5,000 last week, the four-week average remains very close to its lowest levels in 15 years. all this data is positive, but it is casting a negative cloud over wall street as it's raising expectations the federal reserve will go through with a long-awaited interest rate increase in either september or december. and this along with ongoing concerns about the shaky state of china's economy continue to pressure u.s. stocks. the first day of school is right around the corner for a lot of students but that hasn't given a
7:27 am
lift to sales at the retailer kohl's. posting weaker-than-expected results in exchange for a tax-free holiday shopping has caused some to delay their school shopping. and shake shack shares shaken, not up but down this morning on the news a secondary stock offering was priced well below its closing price on wednesday. >> mary thompson, you said shake shack shares shaken? >> reporter: but not up. shaken down. >> say no more. thank you, mary. great teeing you. still ahead on "the rundown," the latest on a couple in mississippi accused of trying to join isis. and adobe is following in the footsteps of netflix. it's expanding its ma teternittd paternity leave. [whirring drones] just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. ♪ [whirring drones]
7:28 am
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back to breaking news out of iraq. isis terrorists are now claiming credit for the devastating truck bomb that devastated a baghdad market. more than five dozen people dead, more than 150 wounded. an analyst with fox point global partners joins me. this was a predominantly shiite neighborhood. is this what they did, specifically target that group? >> absolutely. it's important to note that while isis obviously hates americans, europeans, jews, christians, public enemy number one for the group has and remains shiites. they've thrived off of the civil war and they use to that their advantage. they've recruited the allegiance of a lot of the local sunni tribes. >> isis is relatively close to baghdad, as far as geographically speaking. the fight is pretty close. >> absolutely. they've been gaining ground around the area.
7:32 am
recently they captureded ramadi so they're definitely getting closer and closer which is causing concerns. >> i want to talk about this young mississippi couple who was, the feds say, planning to fly to syria to join isis, both went to college. the man's family says hearing the news was like getting hit by a 2 x 4. what attracts people to isis? >> you can't get a clear distinction in terms of the motivations that attracts a lot of the recruits. but the fact that isis, especially in comparison to other groups like al qaeda, attracts a younger demographic because of their technology use and their propaganda. >> we've heard that isis is apparently telling more and more recruits not to come to syria or to iraq, instead they want them to stay home and attack local targets. does this match with what you're looking into? >> absolutely. this isn't really a new revelation. this has been their m.o. for quite some time now. they intend to establish a
7:33 am
global caliphate. they want to assert their dominance globally. they have to recruit people from all around the world wherever they might be. >> and also there's some chatter that they're looking into, publicizing more and more of the names and addresses of u.s. military. talk to me about that. do they continue to do this? >> what's important to note is at this point there is a group that's recently released the information purportedly of a bunch of military and government officials. this group is not isis official. it's supporters of the group but absolutely they have been releasing a lot of this type of information, kind of bringing in the hacking aspect into their wheelhouse. >> alex, very troubling. thank you for being with me this morning. former president jimmy carter will undergo cancer treatment. yesterday he said a recent operation on his liver shows the cancer is in other parts of his body.
7:34 am
president carter says he is rearranging his schedule to undergo treatment but did not say what type of cancer it is. joining me now is the director of the gastrointestinal research program in nashville. >> thank you for having me. >> does the surgery to remove a mass on his liver give any indication about where the cancer could have spread or how quickly? >> it will give us more information about where the cancer probably originated. with the samples that they took at the surgery, they'll be able to do special tests on those samples to give us more of an idea of where the cancer came from and therefore direct his treatment. >> what does cancer treatment for someone his age -- he's 90 -- look like? >> well, it's interesting, so many times we think of older people and can they handle cancer treatment and how will they do? he is a very active 90-year-old gentleman. he is very interested in
7:35 am
treatment from his press statement. and we have a lot of therapies now that are available that aren't traditional chemotherapies where you think of people getting so sick but therapies that are much gentler potentially targeted towards the cancer that will allow him to both maximize his longevity but also have a quality of life at the same time. >> it's really extraordinary the schedule that he has. when you say he's 90 years old, he has a schedule that a 30-year-old would be tired under on a 24-hour basis. and yet he is now going to look for this treatment for cancer. typically how do people respond and cope to the side effects of cancer treatments at his age or any age and you're saying there may be differences in the things. but there's always going to be reaction to treatment, right? >> absolutely. there's usually side effects associated with treatment. and that's why the relationship between his treating oncologist and himself is so important. there's a lot of discussion back and forth between the doctor and
7:36 am
the patient to talk about side effects the patient may be having. we have a lot of new supportive medications which are helping patients tolerate their treatments better. so i do have a lot of patients, ones that even still do construction, people that are active dentists and physicians that are able to lead very active lives still on their cancer treatments. >> doctor, thank you for being with me. appreciate your time. >> thank you so much. a club roof collapsed, a highway explosion and a needy whale. let's zoom through some of today's other top stories. three people injured after part of a ceiling collapsed at the historic nightclub in minneapolis. happened last night at the first avenue club during a concert by theory of dead man. the club was featured in the movie "purple rain." witnesses saw smoke and sprinklers in the back go off before part of the roof caved in. the cause still under investigation. all lanes back open on the new jersey turnpike after a massive fire last night. two tanker trucks collided on a
7:37 am
northbound lane, sparking an explosion that could be heard for miles. flames gutted both trucks. the accident backed up traffic for nine miles. both drivers only suffered minor injuries. no word yet on what the trucks were carrying. a wildfire burning near california wine country has burned almost 21,000 acres. the so-called jerusalem fire forced mandatory evacuations. flames are threatening 50 structures. no homes have been destroyed. the fire has been burning since sunday. it's only 16% contained. check out this incredible encounter in australia where a whale covered with a plastic bag and fishing line came to a fisherman apparently for help. the man says the whale came right up to the boat and he ripped the trash off the whale and lifted its head out of the water. he said the whale seemed happy afterwards. played around in the water for a while. the fisherman calls the encounter epic.
7:38 am
netflix is making waves with its big announcement that it will now offer parents unlimited paid leave during their children's first year. it's also spurring other companies to action. earlier this week, adobe expanded its own family leave program to guarantee at least 16 weeks of paid time off. microsoft offering birth mothers up to 20 weeks of paid leave. but not everybody's convinced these new policies make sense for employcompanies or even emp. employees being offered more paid time off could affect companies' bottom lines, is it? >> well, one thing that businesses have found when they actually track the implementation of these policies is that in the end, it can save money because it's a way to recruit very talented people to your company and once they're there to keep them. the cost of turnover for a business can be extremely high. most estimates are that it's
7:39 am
somewhere 20% of a worker's salary to have to replace them. so it's actually cheaper in the long run to offer these benefits and retain workers rather than having to let them go and find a new replacement. >> so are there any potential downsides to, for example, netflix's one-year new policy? >> i think netflix put a lot of thought into this policy. and this is also a company that already had unlimited vacation time available to their workers. so they clearly have figured out what works for them and what works for their workforce and their bottom line. these decisions aren't just made on a whim. i think there's a lot of behind-the-scenes studying that goes on within companies before they make these types of moves. >> there's concern that these policies will maintain the gender imbalance. what about the guys? >> that's one of the unique things about what netflix has done is that their policy is completely gender neutral. so men and women have access to the exact same benefits, which is incredibly important for a number of different reasons. and it's also responding to a
7:40 am
real need. surveys of fathers, particularly millennial men who are becoming fathers for the first time has shown that they're very invested in being able to spend time with their families, to be very involved fathers to their children. offering these type of workplace benefits around paid leave and flexibility to both men and women, i think, is the next step we're going to see in this movement. >> i tell you, i wish i would have had more time to be with my newborn daughters, time off to do all the things that both father and mother should do and do together a lot of times. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much for being with me. appreciate your time. >> thank you. up next, jeb bush is the latest presidential candidate interrupted by black lives matter activists. is this the best way to spread their message? take a look at this. tloox somethi looks like something out of a scary movie. flies covering homes in a mississippi neighborhood.
7:41 am
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or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. why pause the moment? ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. for a free 30-tablet trial go to jeb bush is the latest presidential candidate to have a campaign event disrupted by activists associated with the black lives matter movement. the incident in north las vegas came at the end of his town hall and unfolded after he met privately with members of black lives matter. the bush campaign would not confirm whether the activists who interrupted bush were the same ones he met with. gentlemen, thanks for being with me. jonathan, let's start with you. bush's first interaction with
7:45 am
black lives matter activists at an event but not the first time he's had to respond with his take on the movement. trump says this kind of disruption would never happen to him. what's the best way to handle these types of disruptions? >> well, first of all, it's going to happen to donald trump. it's only a matter of time. what's he going to do? block all black members of the audience who want to get in? this will happen to him. he's said that bernie sanders responded in a weak way, which was ridiculous because it actually wasn't a bernie sanders event that was disrupted. it was sponsored by other people in california and they relinquished the microphone to the black lives matter self-appointed spokeswomen. these are tricky situations. if you don't handle it right, you look like you think black lives don't matter. and that's a real political
7:46 am
problem. so the way politicians handle hecklers is very tricky. we remember going back to the 1970s when vice president nelson rockefeller gave the finger to hecklers. you can't get away with that sort of thing nowadays. and so these politicians have to seem as if they're being responsive but also get security in to keep people from disrupting their events. >> and it's also important in the black lives matter movement, it's not just african-americans that are participating. >> that's right. >> but let's talk about, nick, the -- are you seeing a difference between the way democrats and republicans are handling these disruptions? >> i'm not. it's interesting. i think it's important to recognize that the method of protest here is part of the message. it's meant to be interruptive, disturbing and meant to get in their face. but on the other hand, it's a golden opportunity for some of
7:47 am
these candidates -- imagine if a rand paul or a jeb bush, people who have said they want to reach out to the black community and be different kinds of republicans, talk about these issues, overincarceration, imagine if they say, i agree with you, black lives do matter. it's a possibility for one of these guys to seize the moment and respond and embrace the point of the protest. >> yeah. and it's just how you've reacted to the initial disruption. i think bernie sanders, seems to me, maybe i'm wrong, it seems he's been the biggest target of the movement, right? >> he probably has the worst security at events. if you're asking, how does it happen -- clinton, i think, has tighter security at her events. she has more stylized events so it's easier to keep the protesters from invading these events.
7:48 am
bernie sanders has rallies, he's out in california at a big gathering. it's a lot easier to hijack that way. >> and let's talk a little bit about trump and his continued rise in the poll, jonathan. the latest cnn/orc poll of iowan republican voters shows him with a huge lead. what's going on there? >> well, we're in a trump moment, obviously. i think one of the things that's going to happen, jose, is that iowa is going to become less and less important. iowa emerged in 1976 as an important caucus state with jimmy carter who won the iowa caucuses or actually finished second, undecided. but that launched his presidential campaign that took him to the white house. but now we have a situation, in the republican party, last time rick santorum won the iowa caucuses. before that, mike huckabee won the iowa caucuses. so this assumption that somehow iowa is a launchpad to the nomination or the presidency is
7:49 am
really thread-bare now. i'm not sure it matters much how well carson does in iowa. trump is a different matter because if trump ends up doing well in these early states and he increases his leverage over the eventual republican nominee, that has huge consequences for this race. and should he run as an independent, of course, a democratic candidate most likely hillary clinton will be the next president. so really for all the complexities in this race, it really does kind of boil down to whether donald trump runs as an independent or not. if he does not run as an independent, the republicans have a decent chance of getting the white house back. if he does, they don't. >> and what's interesting is that he is leading not just in iowa, not just in new hampshire but in other early states as well. >> yeah, it's true. but he's ahead in a race that
7:50 am
has 10 or 20 or 50 candidates. he's in the 20s right now. it's funny, bernie sanders in some of these states has more of a vote share of his party than trump has of the gop voters. so it's a very divided race right now. and the summer is often the time when we see these grassroots candidacies take flight and energize and often they fade in a few months, in the spring of the election year. we'll see what happens. >> we will. thank you both for being with me. appreciate your time. up next, five things, animal odd couples, including this real-life bambi and thumper. but before we head to a break, i want to take a moment to recognize a day very important to me. it's left-handers' day. i happen to be a left-hander. turns out, i'm in the company of presidents and royalty. presidents obama and clinton both left-handed. so is prince william and media queen oprah winfrey.
7:51 am
but so is bart simpson? and exciting announcement from our friends at the global poverty project. we know the list of celebrities who will host the conference. they will join the lineup of beyonce, coldplay and ed sheeran. if you can, go. if not, you can always catch us right here on msnbc. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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who hasn't scene the classic children's film "bambi." it's been a children's favorite for more than 70 years. but now it's come to life in a colorado backyard. a ymca staffer caught this unlikely duo on camera last week. it's a real-life bambi and thumper, frolicking for more
7:55 am
than an hour and a half. staffers say they've been the best buds nearly every day since then. number two, it's gator time. you think a turtle might be afraid of a gator? not this guy. staffers say it's normal to see the turtle hitching a ride on his gator friend. number three, hold on tight, this monkey at malaysia's zoo gets around with a little help from his deer friend. the monkey has even groomed the doe. number four, another famous children's tale, are you my mother? these cubs and their adoptive mom. they were brought to a nearby farm to be nursed by this pig. but as they grow bigger, you have to remove them. number five, a recurring favorite here at "the rundown." the photo that got hashtag weasel becker trending on social media. an amazing moment snapped by a
7:56 am
british photographer earlier this year. looks like the weasel is going for a ride but in fact the weasel was able to make the w d woodpecker lunch. that wraps up "the rundown." ly . ♪ [whirring drones] ♪ no sudden movements. ♪ [screaming panic] ♪ [whirring drones] google search: bodega beach house. ♪ ♪ [drones crashing] ♪ across america, people are their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza.
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because these kids will grow up with windows 10. get started today. windows 10. a more human way to do. right now on "news nation," the summer of surprises continues. yet another poll shows donald trump on top and bernie sanders is gaining momentum. are we witnessing the rise of the anti-establishment candidates? and developing now, a ceiling collapses during a concert at a historic minneapolis nightclub. three people are injureded. we have the latest from the scene. plus, solitary confinement for chelsea manning. she says she's being threatened with severe punishment for having the "vanity fair" magazine featuring caitlyn jenner now being described as
8:00 am
contraba contraband. i'll talk live with one of manning's attorneys. but first, we begin with the update on several breaking news stories for you this morning. at least 50 people are now confirmed dead and hundreds injured after a massive explosion in china. it happened just late last night in the chinese city of tianjin. authorities say a warehouse storing highly flammable materials exploded at least twice. the shocks were felt six miles away, actually even registering on an earthquake monitor. the fire was so big, it could be seen from space. 12 firefighters are among the dead. chinese state media say 700 people are hospitalized. traces of cyanide have been found in ditches near the scene. authorities say they are not sure yet what caused that massive explosion. we're also following breaking news out of baghdad, isis says it's responsible for a


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